Open Play Dates

Open play days are for anyone to come out for a fun day of paintball.  We are going to play multiple games over the day, bring out your friends and family for a day of fun. 

Games start at 12pm early check-in available

Sign our waiver for faster check-in

Game styles:

Team deathmatch                Capture the flag

Attack and defend                Zombies


  • $25 Rental/entry
  • $25 entry ( you have your own gear ) OR $75 with 2000 paintballs
  • $20 for 500 paintballs
  • $60 for 2000 paintballs
  • $5 hot dog lunch; chilidog, bag of chips, drink


  • February 19th Saturday
  • March 19th Saturday
  • April 23rd Saturday 
  • May 21st Saturday
  • June 18th Saturday

Come Get Some!