Gel Blasters

Gel blasters are a great way to get kids as young as 5 out playing. The Gel Blasters shoot a water absorbed ball like Orbees and leaves no mess. Gel Blasters can either be shot in simi or full auto with a 800 round hopper. Players have described a hit comparable to a rubber band fight. Game style can either be played like a squirt gun fight, or teams competing in a scenario like capture the flag or team death match.


  • 6 or more players
  • 2 hours of game play
  • 11am-5pm
  • call (541) 220-9610 for reservations
  • sign our waiver green button bottom corner


  • $25 per player includes Gel blaster and Protective Goggles or Safety Glasses
  • $25 for 10,000 Gellets
  • $50 for 20,000 Gellets
  • $5 Protective Vest

Come Get Some!